All our services are FREE OF CHARGE and CONFIDENTIAL.


If she has had unprotected sex, or has missed her period, she might be wondering if she is pregnant. The first thing she may want to do is take a pregnancy test. We offer lab-quality pregnancy testing at our center at no cost. 


If she is pregnant, an ultrasound will help determine how far along she is. We offer limited obstetrical ultrasound to prove the viability of pregnancy.


We want her to be informed about all of her pregnancy options. When a woman is facing an unexpected pregnancy, she may want information on abortion, the abortion pill, adoption, etc. It is very important that women receive accurate information in a safe environment. We are here to answer her questions and direct her to the appropriate resources.

IMPACT (Improving My Path and Changing Tomorrow)

Clients may earn money to be used towards the purchase of items, such as a new car seat or crib, by completing classes for points: this includes watching a video, homework and processing with a client services staff member. The amount of points needed is based upon the item cost. The classes are through a forum that can be in person or a remote learning platform for those who work outside of our hours of operation. Each client is evaluated so we can provide a individualized learning plan, based on their needs. We also offer points through small group & book studies for those who need a deeper level of connection. Our available classes cover everything from pregnancy to parenting and daily life challenges such as budgeting.


We offer monthly allotments of diapers/pull-ups, baby wipes, formula, baby food & infant cereal to all our families in need. We also have a boutique of donated items that are free for the whole family. Appropriate item limits are set for each family member. These items range from clothing, shoes, hats & socks to books, toys & small baby furniture.


Our Dadvocates Program will provide male advocates for the dad-to-be while he’s in the waiting room. It will be a way for him to have his own person to talk to & if he’d like, to become a client himself, with his own educational, parenting plan and goals. The program will be similar enough to what the mom-to-be is walking through that they can learn how to co-parent with their similar personality traits but we will also be able to walk them through their individual fears, concerns, hopes & goals so that they learn how to coparent without fighting over their differences.


This is a small group curriculum to encourage dads to be more involved and build stronger family foundations. Through mentorship and education, we are hoping to change the future of Fremont County by improving the health of the family core.


There is no right or wrong way to feel after your abortion. Every woman’s experience is unique. Relief, anger, sadness, and hope can all exist at one time. That may be confusing, but it’s also normal. If you’re looking for emotional support after abortion, we’re here to help.