Client Testimonies

"My name is Gina and I have a 5-month-old baby, her name is Alicia. I heard about the (Canon City) Pregnancy Center through my boyfriend's cousin. She told me how much they can help me with my daughter. I visited the first time and started doing classes and getting more involved. I love taking classes because each one is different. The class is worth it because you learn things you may not know. The boutique is very nice. You get to go to the boutique once a week to choose clothes for your baby. I really enjoy the pregnancy center because they help so much. I started out with nothing, but once my daughter was born, I was ready for her. I am so glad that we have the pregnancy center to help us, parents, with formula, diapers, wipes, and baby food as well as clothes. I am glad I am doing classes because I learn so much more. My boyfriend takes classes as well. I got my daughter something using the points that I earned from the classes. I also donate things back to the pregnancy center so another parent can use the clothes. The classes are the easiest to earn points to get things for your children."


"Not every Mom has a solid support system in place when it comes to their children. We might feel alone in the task of raising our children or just need someone to reassure us of our efforts. The pregnancy center has not only supported me by providing basic needs for my young children, but more importantly, perhaps, it has given me emotional and educational support. Helping me to be a better Mom and allowing me to give myself some grace through the difficult and rewarding journey of raising my littles."

-Gloria Gates

"Hello! My name is Kalie Hyde. When I was pregnant with my first baby last year I was embraced by our Pregnancy Center. They offered my husband and I support, counseling, and diapers! Most of my child's clothes are from their boutique. The staff has always been so loving and patient with my family. I've been blessed to get to know many of them personally. Sharing stories of excitement and struggles, always in prayer. It is wonderful for our community to have a Christ-centered abundant life center to help support families in need. Raising a baby, or multiple, is hard and they have always stepped up as a service for those that need compassion, help, and hope in our community. Just knowing we aren't alone and that we have a place to lean on has provided hope for our family. Thank you to all the workers and volunteers at the pregnancy center! And thank you to all those who graciously donate to the center! Because of the donations, we are a more united community. God Bless!"

- Kalie Hyde